Please remain seated

A descision on this project’s direction is pretty much made.  I’m going to be using local wool to make chairs.  An exhibition of my work has given me this clarity.

I was lacking confidence in my direction, but had an exhibition at the Eden Project lined up.  There was no backing out. So two full size concept chairs were made to demonstrate my work so far.  I was nevous as to what the response would be.

But the reaction was very encouraging. The story of local resource and local manufacturing that is underpinning my work was clear, well received and appropriate. Also the chairs were appluaded for their compfort and innovative use of felt.

Througout my experimentation with wool I have been trying to take the material from 2D into 3D.  I’ve best realised this by applying various resins to industrially needled felt, made locally at Buckfast Spinning company.  In this way the felt is used as a reinforcement, in a similar way to glass or carbon matt in GRP or Carbon Fibre.  But the end product benefits from having the warmth and comfort of wool as it’s outer surface.


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